Libya : Human rights NGOs call for an impartial investigation over deadly impact of Storm Daniel

2023-09-20/by communication

Libya : Security chaos and systematic armed intimidation of workforce in judicial facilities further undermines the role of the judiciary in restoring the rule of law and monitoring elections

2023-06-21/by communication

Violating women’s right to freedom of movement is an insult to Libyan women and a contravention of the constitution and law

2023-05-14/by communication

Libya : Human rights NGOs warn of the deteriorating situation of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees and the worrying shrinking civic space

2023-03-09/by communication

On the 12th anniversary of the Libyan revolution, Adala for All association calls for important steps towards peace and democracy

2023-02-20/by communication

Libya : NGOs call the authorities to release the Executive Director and Director of the Registration Department of the Civil Society Commission in Benghazi

2023-01-09/by communication

Adala for All Association invites civil society to appeal before the judiciary regarding the Cabinet of the Government of National Unity Government’s resolution No. 811 of 2022 regarding media activity

2022-12-15/by communication

The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights must condemn atrocities committed against migrants in Libya

2022-12-14/by communication

The shipwrecks and loss of life off the coast of the Mediterranean continue unabated

2022-12-01/by communication

European Parliament issues a new resolution on European policy toward Libya

2022-11-23/by communication

Human rights NGOs express their deep concern at the risk of refoulement of an Algerian asylum seeker Zakaria Hannache present in Tunisia

2022-11-17/by communication

Human rights organizations tell Libyan House of Representatives to immediately repeal anti-cybercrime law

2022-11-10/by communication

Libya: Attacks against freedom of expression and belief escalate under the continuation of impunity and systematic repression 

2022-11-07/by communication

Libya : NGOs and media institutions call on the Government of National Unity to repeal its dangerous decision regarding audiovisual media

2022-10-11/by communication

Human rights NGOs from the whole world stand in solidarity with Iranian women and protesters

2022-10-07/by communication

Adala For All Association : Decree No. 286, restricting civil society in Libya, suspended today

2022-07-18/by communication