Adala For All Association : Decree No. 286, restricting civil society in Libya, suspended today

Paris – The Hague | Decree No. 286, which restricts and obstructs the work of association in Libya, was suspended today 18 July 2022, in a ruling by the tribunal in Benghazi.

The decree’s suspension  is a very important step, as national and international civil society associations, including the  Adala for All Association (Statement on 3 June 2022), demanded the decree’s withdrawal.

According to Decree 286, the Civil Society Commission (CSC) has the sole right to accept or deny registration and approval of associations; It also has the jurisdiction to freeze associations’ bank accounts and reject their funding. In addition, associations are required to obtain prior authorization from the CSC before engaging with international organizations and institutions, and association members are required to obtain prior authorization to travel for civil society events and activities abroad.

These restrictions are considered  a disruption of the work of associations and a violation of freedoms.

As of today, associations in Libya are not committed to implementing Decree No. 286

The ruling issued today, which suspends the implementation of Decree 286, is considered a positive step until the deree  is completely withdrawn. As of now, associations are not obliged to apply this decree.

Last June, Adala for All  stated  that not only does Decree 286 violate Libya’s constitution and national law, it also violates international law and Libya’s obligations and duties thereunder. Decree 286 regulated the formation of associations through administrative decisions undertaken by Libya’s executive governing authorities.

Adala For All